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Hi! I’m Crystal. I empower women to live full, healthy, vibrant lives.  How did I get here?  Just like me, many women are only living part of their potential, surviving through each day, living in a state of irritability with digestive pain, headaches, exhaustion, chronic joint inflammation and no strength to change.  With just a few, simple holistic health steps, I show up for life thriving with the vibrancy and excitement I never knew possible.  As an Air Force Veteran and University of Colorado Health Science Center graduate, I use 22 years of experience in health, wellness and essential oils to coach others to the same success!

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University Degree in Health
doTERRA Certification
AromaTouch Technique
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Have you been to doctors and no solution to your health conditions? Do you have concerns regarding your mind, stress and anxiety? Does your body joints ache or do you have problems digesting food? If you answered yes to anyone of these you qualify for my Free 30 min Consultation or learn more about my health & wellness coaching.

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