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Hi! I'm Crystal Masincupp!

Hi! I’m Crystal. I empower women to live full, healthy, vibrant lives.  How did I get here?  Just like me, many women are only living part of their potential, surviving through each day, living in a state of irritability with digestive pain, headaches, exhaustion, chronic joint inflammation and no strength to change.  With just a few, simple holistic health steps, I show up for life thriving with the vibrancy and excitement I never knew possible.  As an Air Force Veteran and University of Colorado Health Science Center graduate, I use 22 years of experience in health, wellness and essential oils to coach others to the same success!

Most people give up on their goals when they aren’t sure where to go next.  A plan to follow simple steps toward building holistic healthy habits will produce the desired health you’ve been longing for and I provide a key part of this success – the plan!  My hope is that you’ll discover peace in the path you’ve been given, that simple doesn’t mean boring, that your body is capable of amazing transformation and that food doesn’t have to be a four letter word. 

I love spending time with my children and snuggling on the couch with my husband after the kids are settled for the night but I’m called to come alongside others and show them that they are worth making small changes, treating themselves with love, and finding a life filled with vitality to pursue their passions and show up authentically for themselves and their loved ones.

Wellness Coach Crystal Masincupp
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My Story

In my early twenties I spent most of my weekends curled up in bed with a heat pad on my neck and a stomach filled with ibuprofen. I missed gatherings with friends and dates with my husband because the pain was just too much. The pain, although miserable, isn’t what made me depressed, it was believing that I was a disappointment to my friends and family that brought me down. I was not able to fulfill all the expectations I had for myself!

As I studied at The University of Colorado Health Science Center in 2004, I took the first step of my journey that would ultimately lead to me back to wellness; I quit all medications.  My health continued to deteriorate for a period of time as I researched, read and tried different solutions.  Three months after my fourth child was born I was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases.  I was left with no cure, no answers and no hope, other than recurring pain medication and steroid treatments.  As a young and active mother of four, you can imagine my severe disappointment and struggle. Where do I go now?  Weakness and pain prevented me from lifting my children or even getting on the floor to play with them.  I missed out on giggles and squeals and precious memories because I was in bed suffering.

Then came the moment I decided I finally had enough; it was time to take my life into my own hands.  It was time to commit to doing the things I needed to do to begin the healing process.  I fiercely overcame those three autoimmune diseases with a pursuit for natural wellness through mindfulness in food choices, exercise and positive mental health practices. I believe that EVERY woman has gone through some type of battle and has a story worth sharing.  Every woman deserves to have the energy and vitality to clearly pursue her dreams and enjoy the moments that make life far more than just existing!

Why I Love Helping Others

Today, I’m passionate about revitalizing lives and using positive food choices and lifestyle changes to help people enjoy all the adventures life has to offer.

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