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The weight of anxiety can be crippling.  It’s hard to explain, even to those closest to us, the feelings that overwhelm our thoughts, like bees buzzing in the brain and refusing to be silenced.  Or maybe it’s the heavy fear of the unknown that won’t release it’s icy grip from your chest.  However you feel it, anxiety takes control and doesn’t want to give it up.  

But there are simple steps that, when considered holistically, allow us to begin to recognize, rationalize and reset so that we no longer give up control of who we are.  

If you are ready to make the change, schedule your free consult today.  All you have to lose is your anxiety…

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3-Month Program

My comprehensive program is designed to Empower you – to Transform yourself –  so you can Thrive in your life. 3-Month Transformation includes:

  • Individual sessions. The program includes 6, 50-minute biweekly sessions by phone or Skype and notes to refer to after each session.
  • Customized coaching. Each session will include customized coaching tailored specifically to your individual health needs. I will provide what I call “lifestyle tweaks” for you to try. Making small but important changes to your lifestyle can have a more lasting impact than trying to make drastic changes all at once.
  • Email support. Between sessions, I’m available to answer questions or provide the support you need to stay focused, so you can complete your goals.
  • Recipes specific to your way of eating. The program is not about forcing any dietary beliefs on you. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or a paleo enthusiast, I provide healthy recipes that respect and encourage your preferred way of eating. I encourage my clients to try new foods, but I don’t believe in depriving yourself. I like to coach people to eat healthy, but still indulge on things you love. I won’t make you give them up. I like to follow the 90/10 rule and it works out really well.
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