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Is Day-To-Day Pain Stealing Your Motivation?

I get it…you have responsibilities, demands, and to-do lists that keep you so busy that you don’t have time for pain.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.  You may be like I used to be and just keep pushing, just “deal” with the pain and discomfort, because others depend on us. At some point we have to make a change or we are going to break.  No one should have to carry the weight of responsibility, expectations and pain; to feel the physical hurt and disappointment of not being able to show up the way we wish.  

Isn’t it time to make a change?  Maybe you have tried and not been successful.  I understand the struggle and have been there.  But I am here to let you know there is hope!  When doctors couldn’t help me, I was able to heal myself with holistic solutions available to anyone!  Through my education and experience I have developed the simple steps to allow you to say “yes!” instead of having to say “no” because of the pain.  Say “yes” to playing outside with the kids.  Say “yes” to enjoying your favorite sport.  Say “yes” to taking care of the demands of life without struggling through and finally collapsing at the end of the day.

Don’t let pain steal the best days of your life from you any longer, schedule your free consultation today and we will work together to find a solution to the aches and pains that are limiting your potential. 

I hated to make that call…again.  My husband had to come home from work and help with the kids because I was in SO…MUCH…PAIN!  I was embarrassed, and confused, and starting to feel hopeless.  Why was my body doing this to me and why couldn’t the doctors, specialists, and pills they gave me fix it?  That’s how I felt 5 years ago.  That’s what opened my eyes to a better way and led me to who I am today!  Our journey’s become part of our stories and I get to help you write yours.

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Essential oils for Wellness and health

Personalized Joint Pain Releif Program Includes:

  • Free 30 min consultation
  • 1:1 in person, phone, or Skype sessions
  • Unlimited email support between consultations  
  • Touch base calls to troubleshoot and inspire – to make change fun and sustainable
  • Personalized protocols and action planning designed for your unique situation
  • Simple, delicious, and nutrient-rich recipes created with your specific tastes, budget, and cooking skills/availability in mind
  • Straightforward handouts and articles that will increase your understanding
  • Collaboration with your medical practitioner in order to best support you
  • Bonus gifts (inspiring books, recipes, food samplings, + more)
  • My personal commitment to your success
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