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What in the World are Essential Oils?

We affectionately refer to them as plant magic…

An essential oil is a volatile aromatic compound found in some of nature’s most basic pieces (plant pieces, flowers, stems, roots, barks, seeds) that have INCREDIBLE benefits on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

With these powerful plant oils you can…

  • Take control of your physical, emotional and even financial health.
  • Begin to consciously create a life of physical, emotional and mental (even financial wealth).
  • Find balance by becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Discover purpose by helping improve the lives of others.

Here’s a quick BIO 101 lesson.  Essential oils are considered compounds because at room temperature they rapidly transform from a solid or liquid to a gas (volatile).  Amazing fact, so far, there have been over 300 volatile aromatic compounds discovered in oils.

NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL. BE CAREFUL.  If it’s bought in a store or from a source that’s not completely transparent, it might be a bottle of synthetic, fake chemicals filled to the brim with nothing good.  You want the real deal! A brand you can trust that is backed by science and purity and who partners with medical professionals.  

I’m a girl who wants to know where her essential oils come from and what methods are used to harvest and distill.  Transparency matters to me. We all want that, right?!

Are you hungry for purpose? 

You know the little voice inside your heart whispering, “there’s got to be more to life!”

The part of you tired of walking through life on wake, eat, work, sleep, repeat.

Sometimes it takes stepping out of your comfort zone and answering the call to work on YOU that brings the change you’ve been craving.

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Ready to Get Started?

Perhaps you are like me.  At age 7 I was diagnosed with digestive discomfort.  I didn’t not connect the link that my digestive issues were my gateway to sleepless night, anxiety, head discomfort and mood problems until many years later.  “Ugh”

No matter how well my success appeared on the outside, my insides were literally tearing me apart.  I wanted more out of life and kept searching for peace and understanding.

Fact, if it was not for essential oils, I’d still be trudging along, feeling a heavy weight of y own “issues” instead of helping people like YOU!

Do you want to feel UHMAZING too? Both physically and emotionally? May even help others feel amazing too?

Ok. Let’s get real for a second, can we?

If you have all the money in the world but don’t have holistic wellness, are you truly wealthy?

The answer is NO. 

I’m an essential oil believer because they changed my life and gave me relief that Western Medicine could not provide. 

I have no doubt, they WILL help you too.

Wondering How Essential Oils Helped Me Specifically?

I love to use Frankincense in my skincare routine because it boosts the anti-aging power.  Initially, I incorporated this oil to keep inflammation at bay. 

A few drops of a digestive blend rubbed on my belly button area daily helps ease the digestive discomfort.

When I’m feeling a little down and just need a pick me up and burst of focus, I breathe in Wild Orange or Peppermint. 

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re tired of being tired.
  • You want more out of your life.
  • You are ready for a change.
  • You are jumping up and down (think, hands in the air) and are excited to become healthier, stronger, wiser and financially fit.
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